1 year Paid in Full Strength

Strength class membership paid in full for 1 year

$1440 - Billed Once a Year until cancelled

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Strength and Mobility Liability Waiver (5268)
MEMBER’s HEALTH STATEMENT – The guest warrants and represents that the guest entitled to use the Strength & Mobility facility under the terms of this agreement, has no disability, impairment or ailment preventing him/her from engaging in any exercise, or that will be detrimental or adverse to his/her health, safety or physical condition if he or she does so engage or participate.  
LIABILITY AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY – The guest acknowledges and accepts the risk inherent in the use of the Strength & Mobility services and facility. By using the Physical Education facility the guest hereby assumes the risk of injury, accident, death, disability, loss, cost of damage in his or her heirs, executors, representatives, and assigns hereby release the Physical Education facility from all claims, liabilities, personal injury or property damage of any kind sustained by the guest while on the premises of the Fitness Center except where this is caused by willful misconduct of Strength & Mobility.  
PERSONAL PROPERTY – Guests are urged to avoid bringing valuables into Strength & Mobility Premises. Management, its affiliates, agents, or employees shall not be liable for loss, theft, or damage to personal property of guests.  
1 year Paid in Full Strength Contract
This is a 1 year full paid contract for all Strength classes, Olympic lifting, and open gym to be debited once (1) a year for the term of use. Strength & Mobility requires a 30 day written notice upon cancellation. I agree to make the full payment of $1440.00 and be electronically transferred.